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For more than 85-years, Baxter has been at the critical intersection of saving and sustaining lives and is committed to providing leading healthcare solutions. To better address the needs of the caregivers we launched this Baxter educational & scientific communication platform with objectives of:

  • Encouraging scientific debates and exchange ideas to facilitate conclusion based on scientific information.
  • Maintaining the continuity of learning and encouraging the sharing of knowledge and best practices in an evolving environment to offer an optimal experience for patients.
  • Creating an environment where everyone feels safe to share ideas and ask questions

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Dear HealthCare providers,

Inhaled Anaesthetics have many advantages, including faster recovery, time to emergence and response to commands but controversy exists regarding the ideal technique to maximize the effect. This is great time to know more about the use of Inhaled Anesthetics – Current recommendations, Evidences, Clinical impact and Daily practice”. Baxter would like to invite you to this 60 minutes webinar led by Professor Friedrich PÜHRINGER, MD, Univ. Prof which will take place for the first time in a virtual format and in English language.

The webinar is addressed to doctors, nurses, therapists, emergency services and all professionals interested in the topic of Inhaled Anaesthetics benefits. Please register in advance for participation, which is offered free of charge.

In this presentation, Pr PÜHRINGER will present the Clinical, Safety and Economical considerations of Volatile Anaesthetics. Consideration on the Environmental effects will also be provided.

Topics discussed in this webinar include:

  • Guidelines & recommendations on the use of Inhaled Anesthetics
  • Evidence on Suprane/Desflurane
  • Prof Pühringer’s practice / experience with Suprane / benefit of the product / value of Suprane in daily practice
  • Tips and trick
  • Questions and Answers Session

We are looking forward to meeting you and to your virtual participation!

The Baxter Medical Affairs team

Prof. Dr. Friedrich PĆ¼hringer
Medical Director, Chairman and Head of Dept


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Prof. Dr. Friedrich PĆ¼hringer
Medical Director, Chairman and Head of Dept

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